Here are some helpful channels and resources that have greatly contributed to my personal development.

uplifting and motivation

The School Of Life

A YouTube channel that has a lot of short, simplified, yet thought provoking videos on personal development & education. They get into healing your inner child, understanding others, self-reflection, romance, philosophical & economic theory and much more!

uplifting and motivation


Reni Odetoyinbo is a marketing consultant, content creator, and financial enthusiast. She loves to take her wide array of knowledge, and transform it into easy ways to learn about managing your life. I'd recommend you check out her channel to learn everything from career development to financial literacy and travel!


As someone who has won more than 20 awards and scholarships, I wanted to share a way to help others in their application process. I created a directory that includes the ways I've won scholarships, and a sample application where I break down how to structure a statement. Send me a message with your email on one of my social media platforms (or email) for free access!

uplifting and motivation

16 Personalities

This website offers a free personality assessment that breaks down your traits into one of 16 personality types. They reflect on your strengths and "weaknesses" in: career, personal, romantic, and parenting settings. It's definitely a great way to learn about yourself and others!

uplifting and motivation

Pursuit of Wonder

A YouTube channel that has many short, simplified, yet thought provoking videos on philosophy and mindsets. They're similar to The School of Life, but dive even deeper into refreshing storytelling that encourages you to take an honest look at how you view life. You'll quickly understand why their logo has a brain in a blender (in a good way - I think).

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