Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

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These responses are directly from the Founder, Kwasi Adu-Poku.

Frequently Asked Questions

I believe life is about reinventing the wheel, but only when necessary. I have gone through struggles that have questions my ways of thinking. Through this process, I have continued to develop answers to these challenges. I have continued to understand the answers I may never understand. However, I've found a way to simplify the process in educating ourselves to grow. I've developed this through my varied life experiences.

My upbringing has taught me many lessons at ages younger than the average person. My experience as a student-athlete has equipped me with a deep understanding of project management and inspiration. My formal education in kinesiology and public policy has transformed how I view wellness and connect concepts. I can list and connect many experiences, but at the root of it - I use my wide variety of knowledge to make learning, reflection, and personal development easier for you.

Booking a session with me is stepping into a space to recognize how we can grow through our imperfections. Through vulnerability, relatability, and a bit of humour, I will inspire you to cope with everyday adversity and take steps forward, one practical step at a time. The same can be said about my brothers.

I am happy to discuss success strategies with you or your group based on the lessons I learned from my experiences and insights.

Check out my LinkedIn for a detailed professional profile and accolades. 


I can be reached via the contact page, email (, or my Instagram page. We can set up a call to discuss your goals, your audience, and how I can tailor my value-added services. I can then provide you with an action plan and pricing that we can agree on. Finally, we would schedule the event accordingly.


Building The Reach Series included an experienced mentor and the invaluable lessons I learned in my life. I underwent a developmental life coaching program with Vince Luciani of Legacy Coaching. I learned how to convey my personal experiences in efficient yet genuine ways, along with vital factors and subtleties that can give my audience a transformative experience. I also used the research tools I developed in my formal education to widen the scope of the topics I can speak on.

​My upbringing, passion for learning about personal development, and my deep inclination to help others are also significant sources of inspiration.


I originally created The Reach series because I could turn the hard lessons I learned throughout my life into four weeks of fun, engaging workshops. Since I was young, I've been motivated by the idea of turning my adversity into uplifting learning opportunities for others. When I think of anyone doubting their self-worth, I want to be that person to remind them that they're worth it.

This platform originally existed to motivate athletes who've faced similar struggles to me in terms of mental health and athletic performance. However, I continued to realize how my insights could appeal to people from all areas of life; life is bigger than basketball after all. Like many things in my life, it started from basketball. Unlike my basketball journey however, The Reach Series aims to touch people who may have even never touched the court.

Looking back, The Reach Series was created to remind people that they are never as alone as they think they are.

In terms of the custom apparel, I wanted to help people find ways to express themselves in ways that are otherwise hard to. Some designs you can't find on any websites. Some custom apparel places don't help you create the designs you want to make. I aimed to be a middle ground in helping you bring your ideas to life! Additionally, each print plants a tree somewhere across the world, and funds a community initiative. Most currently, we are using portions of proceeds to help people get into therapy for example.


I have a broad range of prices and would prefer to address this by email to account for financial and systemic barriers faced by some organizations.


Short answer: People who can use uplifting reminders that they're fantastic through practical & relatable solutions. Additionally, people who want to be educated on complex, yet relatable topics in a conversational way.

Long Answer: The lessons you can take from my series can appeal to a diverse range of people. My events are for anyone interested in self-empowerment and education. People who:

-- Are passionate about making constructive changes in their life
-- Are keen on hearing new perspectives on personal development
-- Struggle with believing in themselves and their ambitions
-- Worry that they may never be enough
-- Rely on accolades to feel good enough
-- Scrolled to the bottom of the page because they were curious
-- People who want to learn new things but are unsure where to start

Ultimately, my offerings are driven by a desire to remind people they are not alone in their struggles. The Reach Series is for people who need a reminder that they are never alone and have more control than they realize.

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