Oct 28, 2023

Your Birthday is Special

In a world that promotes burnout, your birthday is not a regular day. It's whatever you make it out to be.

Don’t let your birthday be just another day. I say that as someone who didn’t really have super big birthday celebrations growing up.

The birthday excitement I had as a kid gradually became managed expectations of seeing it as a regular day. This wasn’t really because of what people weren’t doing to help me celebrate, but because a part of me constantly found a way to downplay the occasion. I'm someone who can struggle to mention it's my birthday in passing conversation for example.

But I continue to recognize this day is much more than that. It’s a time to remember a lot.

Your birthday is the day the world was blessed with your presence. It’s a time to remember another trip around the sun. It’s a moment to reflect on who helped you in your journey so far.

So please take time to enjoy your birthday. Or your birthweek. Or your birthmonth if you’re feeling raw. The work will always be there. The responsibility isn’t going anywhere. But you deserve some time to celebrate the gift of your existence.

I spent my birthday at Archers' Arena. It’s a cool activity facility by Downsview Park in Toronto. I rented out the facility with a few friends and played combat archery and bubble soccer. They also played anime tracks or any genre at certain times which was pretty lit. I’d definitely recommend it as a venue to check out.

I felt like the part of me that was used to downplaying my birthday felt indescribably happy that night. That’s why I’m encouraging you to make your birthday more than just another day.

Your birthday is special after all.


To check out Archers' Arena and what they offer, check out their website: https://archersarena.com/

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