Jun 6, 2024

The Reach Series: An award-winning social enterprise!

After receiving a prestigious award for social impact, Kwasi reflects on how The Reach Series has grown over the years!

A few weeks ago, I received an Identify N’ Impact Award from the Toronto Youth Cabinet (TYC) & City of Toronto!

I was honoured for the social impact I’ve had locally and globally through The Reach Series! It’s surreal to think I have an award-winning business just doing what I love.

Through public speaking, workshops, program planning, custom apparel and content, The Reach Series has always strived to be a hub for wellness, inspiration, and reflection.Words still can’t describe how honoured I am to be honoured. Especially by the globally renowned city I was raised in , and the TYC that have been representing and empowering youth like me for more than 25 years.

The Reach Series started 4 years ago as a passion project while I attended McMaster University. I didn’t know where my life was going as the pandemic started. I started to realize that many others felt the same. I wanted to do something about this. I continued to build this platform as I completed my masters at Toronto Metropolitan University. I wanted to create a platform to inspire people & impact the world through education, social impact, and reflection.

If you go on our Instagram and see our very first posts, you’ll see that our content has always honoured that.

Since 2020, The Reach Series has made impacts in various ways. I have hosted or spoken at nearly 90 engagements to youth and corporate audiences on personal, career, and entrepreneurial development topics. I have led and developed a wellness program for the Black Creek Community Health Centre to support the health and wellness of more than 130 Black men and youth across the GTA. I have also used this business to plant more than 300 trees globally, cover 18 therapy sessions for individuals, host wellness giveaways on Instagram, and share a scholarship directory to nearly 100 individuals and organizations.

My brothers have played a great role in continuing to expand the speaking topics we can bring to audiences. Check out their pages on our website to learn more. I’ve always worked to spread messages of community building and wellness through The Reach Series. Through this recognition, I want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way. Especially the various speakers, partners, collaborators and endorsers of this platform throughout its existence.

I also want to thank Reni Odetoyinbo who played an important role in our brand strategy. Through her consulting services, I was able to refine my business’ direction, and the stories I could tell through intentional content and product creation. I’m someone that can get fully immersed in the process and often forget to celebrate milestones. However, Reni helped give me the bird’s eye view I needed to create a strategy that is intentional and authentic to my business goals and growth. If you are looking build up or refine a business idea you have, I would encourage you to check out her website to learn about her consulting services.

I also want to thank Vince Luciani of Legacy Coaching for helping me overcome my doubt to launch this platform. I also want to thank Side Kick Consulting, who helped me dig into my business strategy in my very early stages.

We all have ideas. We all have thoughts that circulate in our minds. I hope The Reach Series can remind you to continue to explore your possibilities.

If you would like to hear my continued reflections and thoughts about how I was able to create an award-winning business, feel free to contact me through our contact page or any of my social channels below.

If you’re interested in what a workshop, program planning partnership or our other services would look like for you, feel free to explore our website and get in touch!

Have a great day!

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