50 AI prompts to help you learn anything quicker

AI is becoming more popular, and some people still feel hesitant to use it. That's why Kwasi shared ways that you can use things like ChatGPT to try it out!

Many of us are starting to see AI everywhere. It has been around much longer than we think though. I don't know who remembers that paperclip on Microsoft Word that would give you advice you never asked for, but that was AI too. We are now just starting to see more advanced forms.

AI Platforms that use everyday language to create responses for our use are called Large Language Models (LLM). ChatGPT is a prime example. If you are curious about how to find value in things like ChatGPT, I created a list of prompts you can ask to support your learning (ChatGPT helped). The prompts are templates, so feel free to ask it anything.

The more you can embrace platforms like this, the more you can continue to explore change and possibilities around you in all its forms. Try to get creative too! Here are some examples:

  1. "Explain the basics of [topic of your choice]."
  2. "Can you teach me about [subject] in simple terms?"
  3. "Describe the key principles of [topic]."
  4. "What are the main concepts behind [subject]?"
  5. "Tell me about [topic] and its significance."
  6. "Teach me the fundamentals of [skill or discipline]."
  7. "Explain [complex concept] as if explaining to a child."
  8. "Can you summarize [historical event or period]?"
  9. "Describe the process of [scientific phenomenon or process]."
  10. "How would you introduce [academic field or area of study] to a beginner?"
  11. "Teach me how to [activity or skill] step by step."
  12. "What are some key ideas explored in [literary work]?"
  13. "Explain the structure and function of [biological system]."
  14. "Tell me about the principles of [artistic discipline]."
  15. "Describe the causes and effects of [complex issue]."
  16. "Can you break down the mechanics of [technological concept]?"
  17. "What are the main components of [health-related topic]?"
  18. "Explain the concept of [psychological theory] and its implications."
  19. "Teach me some basic [self-care or wellness] techniques."
  20. "Describe the evolutionary history of [species or trait]."
  21. "How would you categorize different [creative works or genres]?"
  22. "Explain the basics of [design principle or technique]."
  23. "Tell me about the milestones in [scientific or technological advancement]."
  24. "Teach me how to understand [complex system or theory]."
  25. "What are some strategies for [personal or professional development]?"
  26. "Can you introduce me to the world of [music genre or style]?"
  27. "Describe the impact of [historical event or movement] on society."
  28. "Explain the principles of [management or organizational theory]."
  29. "Teach me about the beliefs and practices of [religious tradition]."
  30. "How do [mechanical system or device] operate?"
  31. "What are the fundamental principles of [social or political philosophy]?"
  32. "Can you guide me through the process of [creative or technical task]?"
  33. "Describe the major theories in [academic discipline or field of study]."
  34. "Tell me about the functions of [biological organ or system]."
  35. "Teach me the basics of [programming language or coding concept]."
  36. "Explain the historical context of [cultural movement or trend]."
  37. "What are some strategies for [academic or career success]?"
  38. "Describe the causes and effects of [environmental issue or phenomenon]."
  39. "Teach me about the evolution of [art form or medium]."
  40. "How would you approach [financial decision or investment strategy]?"
  41. "Can you explain the mechanism behind [natural disaster or geological process]?"
  42. "What are some ways to promote [sustainable lifestyle or environmental awareness]?"
  43. "Tell me about the key figures and events in [historical period or era]."
  44. "Teach me some essential [cooking or culinary] techniques."
  45. "Describe the characteristics of different [artistic movements or styles]."
  46. "How do the laws of [physics principle or phenomenon] apply in real life?"
  47. "What are the main functions of the [biological system or organ]?"
  48. "Explain the concept of [cultural diversity or globalization] and its implications."
  49. "Can you guide me through the basics of [graphic design software or tool]?"
  50. "Tell me about [topic or subject], and I'll ask follow-up questions based on your explanation."

We are reaching a new age in technology that may demand new skillsets from us. If you think this blog is useful, please feel free to share it to anyone who may find value in it. The Reach Series is a platform for learning, social change, and expression. Feel free to explore my website to see all the ways I encourage learning & growth.


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